Sunday, February 05, 2012

O'Briens Irish Sandwiches get a Ditched Helicopter Award

What can I say - the sandwiches at the O'Brien's Irish Sandwich bar in Dubai airport are totally inedible and the coffee tastes like dishwater.

Even after complaining and getting both changed the replacements were identical.

I strongly recommend that you don't go there!

A thoroughly well deserved Ditched Helicopter Award to O'Brien's Sandwiches.

Ditched Helicopter Award to Emirates Airlines/Servisair

I can normally say no wrong about Emirates Airlines but they need to do something about their service partner at Birmingham Airport, Servisair.

I had a new knee in early December and the two weeks before that I was flying Emirates from Birmingham and, being unable to walk far pain free, needed golf cart transport to the gate if possible. I looked at the website - nothing, so when I checked in with the Servisair rep (on behalf of Emirates) I explained my situation and asked what I should do - both in Birmingham and in Dubai upon arrival.

The first problem was that she barely spoke English and had great difficulty understanding what I was talking about and when she did she was totally dismissive - basically saying she didn't know and wasn't prepared to find out. It was very much like the level of service you used to get on Eastern European airlines before the wall came down.

Not good enough Emirates Airlines - so it's a Ditched Helicopter for you and Servisair

Golden Helucopter Award to Continental, Ditched Helicopter to Virgin Atlantic

This from Richard Wood:

"My family and I recently holidayed in the US and flew Virgin Atlantic. We spent most time in Las Vegas and were then due to spend a little time in New York before flying home.
The Vegas - Newark flight was on Virgin's code share partner, Continental, and a a day or two before we were due to fly we heard from Virgin our flight had been cancelled - which was getting us in with time for dinner that night - so they had re-booked us on one arriving late evening. This wasn't what we wanted and we found there was an earlier flight that would suit us better and rang Virgin to change.
Unbelievably they said that, yes, they could change the flight but it would cost us £65 + £240 = £305 - even though it was not our fault! No amount of explanation,anger or logic would get them to change that.

So we then rang Continental Airlines, explained the situation and they changed the flight - with a smile and no charge!"

I think a hefty Ditched Helicopter Award is due to Virgin Atlantic for this crass nonsense.

- and I am very pleased for Continental Airlines to receive a Golden Helicopter Award for excellent service.

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