Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golden Helicopter Award - Sepehr Tarverdian

I first went to Iran to speak 18 months ago under the auspices of Sepehr Tarverdian and his company Hamayesh Farazan. Sepehr is the very best translator in Iran and used to work for the President and decided to use his talents to set up conferences featuring top international speakers.
That first event I went to with two other speakers had around 150 delegates and was a little disorganised - but good fun.
I have just been back - this time with seven other speakers - to speak at Sepehr's "World Management Forum" which was held in a magnificent conference hall, very professionally organised with every facility and 1200 delegates!
So a GOLDEN HELICOPTER AWARD has to go to SEPEHR TARVERDIAN and HAMAYESH FARAZAN for their fantastic progress and service to the Iranian business community.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Golden Helicopter Award - Octara

It is a especial pleasure for me to make this award.

Octara in Pakistan organise conferences, events and programmes and are simply the very best - anywhere.

When I speak in Pakistan and run Masterclasses I work through them and they are the most professional, most efficient and most charming organisation to deal with.

They produce simply outstanding marketing materials - better than anywhere else in the world - they organise the events to the fine detail and are the most ethical of people to deal with.

So a MASSIVE GOLDEN HELICOPTER AWARD goes to Muhammad Arif and his brilliant team at OCTARA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ditched Helicopter Award - Paper Show

When I run workshops and Masterclasses on business growth I set up a virtual company and have the delegates tell me what growth they believe they can achieve in the company as a result of each of my initiatives, tips and secrets. To do this I have always had to use an old fashioned overhead projector which has meant taking my own to any workshop in the UK and relying on the organiser finding one for an overseas event.

I have always thought that, sooner or later, a new technology will appear to replace the OHP so imagine my joy recently when I discovered that it finally has! Paper Show appears to do exactly what I want - so I go on the website and look at the details but it is not clear whether it will work with a Mac(have you changed yet? - light years better) rather than a PC.
Now many of you will have heard me rant on about "contact us" buttons on websites and how organisations need to ensure they have proper, expeditious procedures to respond.

Anyway about 5 weeks ago I used Paper Show's "contact us" button to ask if it was Mac compatible and, if not, when it would be.

After 3 weeks - nothing - and I'm getting a little cross - and then what arrives from Paper Show but a questionnaire for me to complete "as a new customer" !!! So I complete it and request a reply to my question.

A further two weeks and NOTHING. So I decide I must try and use the new power available to the little man - You Tube (have you seen "United breaks Guitars"?). I will record a video of complaint and post it - so I go into You Tube and think I'll firstly see if there are any Paper Show postings already.

There are - three - demonstrating it and singing it's praises - so rather than record the video I simply post a comment: "DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - THEY GIVE LOUSY SERVICE AND DO NOT RESPOND TO E MAILS"

and.......the very next day I receive an email from their brand manager apologising, advising that it is not currently Mac compatible, that it will be in May and offering to send me one free of charge!

A great response BUT it shouldn't have happened and PAPER SHOW have to get a DITCHED HELICOPTER AWARD but I promise that if I do get it in May and it is exceptional I'll change that to a Golden Helicopter Award!

Ditched Helicopter Award - Toilet Seats!

We re-modelled our bathrooms and WCs at home last year - at great expense- and used Ripples in Oxford to do the job. They were excellent no real complaints and we were very happy with the result but then we come to toilet seats!

On their recommendation we had "soft closer" hinges for the toilet seats - all very nice - but then after a very short time they gave up soft closing, firstly on one toilet and then the second.

We have now waited over six months for replacement hinges - which, apparently, need to come from Keramag in Germany. I have constantly chased Ripples who, of course, blame Keramag and I have been in contact with Keramag who pretend to be helpful but insist I go through Ripples......

When will companies learn that it's the small things that people remember where and lack of service is involved?


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