Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ditched Helicopter Award for lousy service to Dixons

This from Richard Wood of Gillissa

"I would like to nominate Dixons for one of your Ditched Helicopter awards for the worst customer service experience I have ever had. It would take quite a while to summarise the whole horrendous saga, but in essence we bought a product that died within 3 days of purchase and nearly 4 weeks later we are still trying to get them to take it back. Apart from their voice recognition system (which basically doesn’t), you then go through an incomprehensible set of options (which aren’t the ones you need) and then finish with a litany of false, misleading and factually inaccurate information from the people on their helpdesk.

I wouldn’t buy anything from either Currys or Dixons ever again"

A well deserved lousy service Ditched Helicopter Award to Dixons

Golden Helicopter Award to ALM Garages

I recently helped my eldest daughter to buy a new used car. We had decided on the makes and models we were interested in (although colour was, I think, top on my daughter's list!) and we visited four dealers within 20 miles or so of Congleton where she lives.

Two of the three were hopeless - with the salesmen exhibiting little or no knowledge of the cars and not much interest in selling us anything.

ALM Garages of Macclesfield, however, were the reverse. They were helpful, obliging, courteous and knowledgeable - a delight to business with.

So I have no hesitation in awarding ALM Garages a Golden Helicopter Award.

Golden Helicopter Award to BT!!

This is from my good friend John Harris of Rock Kitchen Harris:

"I thought you might be interested in some surprisingly good news about BT customer relations.
A few weeks before the due date, I realised that we hadn't arranged to transfer my Mum's telephone number for her move to sheltered accommodation. As it was a mile away from her old home and in a block with lots of existing numbers however, I thought it should be possible.
I rang the appropriate BT number, explained that she was 86 and that a telephone was vital but the Dundee call centre were extremely unhelpful. What I did next at around 6pm was to email the CEO of BT with a few well chosen criticisms of their customer relations.
Imagine my surprise, when travelling the next morning at 8 a.m. I picked up a response from the CEO promising to look into the matter. This was followed over the next few days by several emails from senior customer relations people who said that they would solve the problem. This resulted in engineers being on site and the phone being transferred at the exact time required.
To say that all this "exceeded expectations" is the understatement of the century and we are in awe of the system that can pick up a serious complaint so quickly and deal with it so thoroughly"

So a Golden Helicopter award goes to BT

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