Thursday, August 07, 2008

Golden Helicopter Award

This one's from Mike Ogilvie:
Following a long day in Manchester at PSA meeting having caught 8.30 plane from Gatwick, Derek Arden and I went to BA and asked to be seated in same row with one seat between us so we could spread out

Despite us having checked in that morning in Gatwick the man at the counter was very obliging at the sight of Derek's BA Silver executive card, and once he had changed our seats he was presented with a WOW card acknowledging his superb service by Derek

I noted his resulting beaming smile and stored this idea for future use - not realising how soon that would be

We went to the Executive lounge to be told by Jemma the receptionist that our plane was delayed by at least one hour until after 10pm, and that as we were the only two in the executive lounge , the lounge was to close at eight

Well "Arden the negotiator" went into action and asked if we could possibly be switched to the Heathrow flight, but Jemma was told by BA that as we had not got open tickets, the only way was if we paid them £69 for new tickets

Well that was far too much for two tired speakers, so we said we could not do that.

Derek was getting frustrated and explained how much he spent with BA each year but, remembering our recent experience, I pulled Derek aside and asked for one of his WOW cards. I said to Jemma that we realised she had done her best for us, but we could not justify spending the extra £69, but please accept this card as our recognition of her efforts on our behalf.

She smiled and we retired to the lounge to eat BA sandwiches and drink BA wine

15 minutes later Derek was called to reception and Jemma presented him with two tickets to Heathrow free of charge. She had appreciated the fact that we had not given her grief, and in fact had recognised her efforts on our behalf, so she called BA herself and persuaded them to switch our flights

WOW - we were smiling now, and when we picked up our cars from Gatwick before 10pm we realised our original flight would not have yet left Manchester

So Jemma Hodgkinson from Aviance Manchester terminal 3 has now been nominated by us for a Golden Helicopter award and we have written to her boss to congratulate him for having such brilliant team members

EVERYONE was a WINNER - so next time speakers, when your ego is threatening to take over, remember it might achieve more to be nice than to be angry.

So a Golden Helicopter Award goes to Jemma Hodgkinson from Aviance Manchester

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